Shelves Time:2014-03-08



VK series chain hoist is a simple to use, easy to carry the manual lifting, for construction, mining, construction sites, agricultural production and piers, 
Boat warehouses for installation of equipment, lifting and unloading of goods vehicles, especially for open and no power supply, more of its important functions. 
VK series chain hoists can receive a variety of supporting the use of single-track vehicles consisting manual manual lifting and transport trolley for overhead monorail transportation, manual single beam 
Cranes and jib cranes. 
VK series chain hoist designed for use on structural performance, has the following characteristics: 
The use of safe, reliable, easy to maintain; 
High mechanical efficiency, small bracelet Rally; 
Lighter weight, easy to carry; 
Appearance, small size; 
Safety factor of 4:1; 
Fatigue strength test is 1.5 times the nominal frequency 2000 times meet; 

Standard: European Standard EN13157